The Experts Team

We are lean and strong. With cumulative industry experience of 90+ years. And average experience of 15+ year per team member.

Expertise in SaaS business , Product development, Serial entrepreneurship, Finance and Project Management.

Ritchie A
CEO & Founder
15+ Years of experience building SaaS enterprise & consumer products.

Nehal M

12+ Years of experience Venture Strategist at Consensys Ventures, Google Ventures, Microsoft.

Lomesh Dutta

15+ Years. VP at Paytm , Abra, Angel Investor and successful serial entrepreneur.

Apoorva Pande


15+ Years of experience in Silicon Valley. Co-founder FocusedFounders, President DifferentHunger

Alicia Trelles


Global PMO Lead at Adobe & Instructor, Stanford University Continuing Studies

Cyril Barranta

Marketing Lead
10+ Years of experience in Silicon Valley. Founder at Worked at Sisig, worked at Microchip Technologies, DoctorQuickly.

Desmond Legge

Sales Lead
10+ Years of experience in SaaS Sales in Silicon Valley & Canada. Co-founder Dynasty Consulting.

Tushar Makhijka


Vice President of Sales and Revenue at AirBase, Helpshift

Dhawal Tank
Sales Lead
Multiple Years of experience in enterprise sales Tuio, SGS, Bell