Consolve Integrates with Slack for notifications and reminders.

Zoom helps you collaborate through video and audio meetings. Start and schedule meetings directly within Consolve. You can quickly set up Zoom meetings with leads and view your scheduled Zoom meetings.

Zapier helps you connect, export data from Consolve to your company tools and softwares like Atlassian Jira, Confluence,, Google docs, Excel and thousands of other platforms.


Consolve integrates with Google Calendar and other calendars 


Decision making happens before tasks and work is assigned on project management tools like Jira. Consolve helps structure the decision making process. And on completion helps push the decision as a Epic task for Jira to me further worked on.

Performance Management

Decision making is extremely critical and decision makers need to be given fair credit. Thats why Consolve integrates with performance management tools.

Mobile Application

iOS and Android Native Application for adding , managing decision content for Consolve.